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Dr. Kristian Thaller


I am a Programme Manager for the flagship EPSRC Programme Grant research collaboration, the SCFED Project ( I also serve as the Technology Transfer Specialist for this this programme, leading activities to raise the public profile of the research and to achieve maximum commercial value from any IP that is generated.

I studied Physics with Medical Physics at the University of Exeter and gained my PhD in Optoelectronics at the University of Southampton's ORC in the field of "Optical Cooling of Solids and Laguerre-Gaussian Mode Generation". In 2011 I was awarded a Prince of Wales Innovation Scholarship and took to a lead R&D position with investor-facing responsibilities in a medical devices start-up company and continue to act as a technology advisor to the board. A qualified PRINCE2 Practitioner, I built on my combination of academic and industrial experience to take up my current responsibilities on the SCFED Project in 2012.



                T: +44 (0)23 80 59 9479  



 Selected Publications


Advantages of Integrating Knowledge Transfer with Academic Project Management

K. Thaller

InImpact 6(2), 145-149 (2013)


Agile in the Management of Scientific Research Collaborations

K. Thaller

Independent (2014)