Nanomaterials Group, University of Southampton

Nanomaterials Group

Electrical Characterisation

The group has a range of equipment of it's own for electrical characterisation including Stanford Research Pre-amps and high resolution data aquisition systems to allow low temperature picoamp current measurements on nanoscale transistors. It has a Solartron Impedance Analyzer and associated potentiostat for impedance measurements from 1mHz to 1MHz. In addition it has access to magnetotransport measurements via aLakeshore EMTTP4 Cryogenic Probe Station with 0.55T in-plane electromagnet and to higher magnetic fields via collaboration with Prof. Peter de Groot in the School of Physics and Astronomy in Southampton. The group has some experience of Kelvin Probe and Kelvin Force Gradient Microscopy and access to the necessary AFMs for the Southampton NanoFabrication Center.