Nanomaterials Group, University of Southampton

Nanomaterials Group

Spectrometers and Monochromators

Our main spectrometer is a TriVista Triple Spectrometer which we mostly use for Raman spectroscopy but which can be used for any high resolution spectroscopy experiment. This is equipped with a deep depleted CCD with a UV enhancement coating. We have the possibility to input light into any of the three stages both free space and via multimode fibre. In addition we have an Ocean Optics  broadband Si CCD spectrometer (300-1000nm) and an equivalent InGaAs spectrometer (1100-1550nm).

In addition to the spectrometers we have a range of mononchromators. This includes a Bentham double spectrometer equiped with glow bar, tungsten halogen andUV lamps which we used as broadband incoherent sources for photocurrent and other experiments. We  have a CMR110  subtractive double spectrometer with gold coated optics for use in the NIR-MIR spectral range. We have two laser line clean-up monochromators; a volume Bragg Grating based monochromater from PhotonEtc. (700--1000nm, pass band width 50cm-1) and a prism based  (500-1000nm; pass band width 400cm-1).