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Supercritical Fluid Thermal Deposition Flow Reactor

A key reactor we developed for our work on thermal deposition of optoelectronic grade II-IV semiconductors is shown below. This is a flow reactor capable of deposition up to 400oC at a pressure of 300 bar. On the left we have a schematic showing the components of the reactor system including CO2 and reagent pumps and a back pressure regulator. On the right can be seen the ceramic insert which defines the flow channel and a ceramic coated heater on which the sample sits at the top of the reactor. The design was optimised to reduce thermal eddys and produce uniform laminar flow over the sample. For further information on the capabilities of this system see

Continuous Flow Supercritical Chemical Fluid Deposition of Optoelectronic Quality CdS

JX Yang, JR Hyde, JW Wilson, K Mallik, PJ Sazio, P O'Brien, MA Malik, M Afzaal, CQ Nguyen, MW George, SM Howdle, and DC Smith

Advanced  Materials 21 (41), 4115-+ (2009).