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Mr. Joe Spencer

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I am a PhD student within the Nanomaterials Group and EPSRC funderd SuperCritical Fluid ElectroDeposition (SCFED) Project.

I joined the group in 2012 after completing my Masters degree in Physics (with a year in experimental research) at the University of Southampton where I specialised in the nanofabrication of graphene MEMs devices for sensing applications.

I have a strong background in various nanofabrication techniques and characterisation of nanostructures. During my PhD I have focused on Ellipsometric Porosimetry and now more recently Raman spectroscopy studies, which as become the main driving force of my research. Using Raman I have been investigating what we call ''extreme'' nanowires, these are wires at the limit of minaturisation just 1-2 atoms in diameter. Raman, specifically Resonance Raman techniques have allowed us to understand the fundamental nature of 1D materials probing phonon modes, electronic and optical transitions in these unique 1D structures. Through my work I've grown to specialise in optical chracterisation of nanostructures and thin films.


Through my PhD I have also been lucky enough to attend multiple international conferences and present my research on Raman. This coupled with a strong desire for outreach and public engagement has led me to run my own out reach show on the Large Hadron Collider. I have also one multiple awards for presentation of my research to the public. 




Full List of Publications

Raman Spectroscopy of Optical Transitions and Vibrational  Energies of ~1nm HgTe Extreme Nanowires within Single walled Carbon Nanotubes

Spencer J. H., Nesbitt J. M., Trewhitt H, Kashtiban R. J., Bell G., Ivanov V. G., Faulgues E., Sloan, J.. Smith D. C.

ACS Nano 8(9):9044-52, (2014)

Supercritical Fluid Electrodeposition of Elemental Germanium onto Titanium Nitride Substrates

JECS doi: 10.1149/2.0771514jes