Nanomaterials Group, University of Southampton

Nanomaterials Group

Reactor Development

We have developed a range of facilities for the production and testing of high pressure reactors. The design and production of the reactors is undertaken by Mr. Mark Bampton in the School of Physics and Astronomy Mechanical Workshop. We can model the reactor designs using finite element mechanical simulations in order to determine a theoretical failure pressure. We have hydrostatic testing facilities capable of testing to a pressure of 4000 bar at a maximum temperature of 400oC. In addition we have a large water bath and dedicated facility for testing the systems with gas or supercritical fluids. We currently only develop reactors for our own use.

Comparison of Finite Element modelling of a flow pattern in a Supercritical Fluid Reactor (bottom) with deposition onto glass insert in reactor (top). The back flow along the top of the reactor which has bee depleted of reagent is purple coloured as it has been heated above the reaction temperature. This backflow is correlated with a lack of deposition on the insert