Nanomaterials Group, University of Southampton

Nanomaterials Group

Optics Laboratory

The group has a fully equipped optics laboratory capable of a wide range of techniques  including luminescence, photoluminescence excitation and Raman spectroscopy, time resolved photon counting luminescence, time resolved Raman, pump-probe spectroscopy and Z-scan. A particular strength of the laboratory is Raman and time-resolved Raman spectroscopy for which standard experiemntal set-ups have been developed which are described in the links on the left. However the laboratory is designed to be flexible and the experiments to be rearranged and modified. In the following pages the main equipment, e.g. laser sources and spectrometers, available within the laboratory is set out. In addition the laboratory has a wide range of ancillary equipment including lock-in amplifiers, polarization optics et. If you are interested in collaborating with us and want to know if we can do a particular experiment please get in contact.