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Separation of G+ and G− phonon population dynamics in semiconducting single-walled carbon nanotubes as a function of diameter and temperature

 J. M. Nesbitt, D. C. Smith

PRB 87, 195446, (2013)

Measurements of the Population Lifetime of D Band and G' Band Phonons in Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes

 J. M. Nesbitt, D. C. Smith

Nano Letters 13, 416-422 (2013)


Electrodeposition of germanium from supercritical fluids

J. Ke, PN Bartlett, D. Cook,  TL Easun, MW George, W Levason, G. Reid, DC Smith, WT Su, WJ Zhang

Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 14 1517-1528 (2012)


Hybrid liquid crystal photorefractive system for the photorefractive coupling of surface plasmon polaritons

SB Abbott, KR Daly, G. D'Alessandro, M. Kaczmarek, DC Smith

Journal of the Optical Society of America B 29 1947-1958 (2012)


Photorefractive control of surface plasmon polaritons in a hybrid liquid crystal cell

S.B. Abbott, KR Daly, G. D'Alessandro, M. Kaczmarek, DC Smith

Optics Letters 37 2436-2438 (2012)



A route to diffusion embedding of CdSe/CdS quantum dots in fluoropolymer microparticles

VK Popov, VN  Bagratashvili,  LI Krotova, AO Rybaltovskii, DC Smith, PS Timashev, JX Yang, YS Zavorotnii, SM Howdle

Green Chemistry  13 2696-2700 (2011 )


Chemical Vapor Deposition of GaP and GaAs Thin Films From (Bu2Ga)-Bu-n(mu-(EBu2)-Bu-t)(2)(GaBu2)-Bu-n (E = P or As) and Ga((PBu2)-Bu-t)(3)

F. Cheng, K. George, AL Hector,  M. Jura,  A. Kroner, W. Levason,  J. Nesbitt, G. Reid, DC Smith, JW Wilson

Chemistry of Materials 23 5217-5222 (2011)


Metal-Catalyst-Free Growth of Carbon Nanotubes and Their Application in Field-Effect Transistors

T. Uchino,  G. Ayre, DC Smith, JL Hutchison, CH de Groot, P. Ashburn

Electrochemical and Solid State Letters 14 K21-K23 (2011)


Metal-Catalyst-Free Growth of Silica Nanowires and Carbon Nanotubes Using Ge Nanostructures

T. Uchino, JL Hutchison,  GN Ayre, DC Smith, K. de Groot, P Ashburn

Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 50 04DN02 (2011)


Morphology control via dual solvent crystallization for high-mobility functionalized pentacene-blend thin film transistors

M. Lada, MJ Starink, M. Carrasco, LC Chen, P. Miskiewicz, P. Brookes, M. Obarowska, DC Smith

Journal of Materials Chemistry 11232-11238 (2011)


On the mechanism of carbon nanotube formation: the role of the catalyst

GN Ayre, T. Uchino, B. Mazumder  AL Hector, JL Hutchison, DC Smith, P Ashburn, CH de Groot

Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter 23 394201 (2011)


Electrodeposition of copper from supercritical CO2/acetonitrile mixtures and from supercritical trifluoromethane

D. Cook, PN Bartlett, WJ Zhang, W. Levason, G. Reid, J. Ke, WT Su, MW George, J. Wilson, DC Smith, K Mallik, E. Barrett, P. Sazio

Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics  12, 11744-11752 (2011)




Supercritical Chemical Fluid Deposition of InP and InAs

G. Aksomaityte, F. Cheng, AL Hector, JR Hyde, W Levason, G. Reid, DC Smith, JW Wilson, WJ Zhang

Chemistry of Materials 22   4246-4253  (2010)


Growth of Carbon Nanotubes on HfO2 towards Highly Sensitive Nano-Sensors

T. Uchino; GN Ayre; DC Smith, JL Hutchison, CH de Groot, P Ashburn

Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 49 (4),  04DN11  (2010)  




Continuous Flow Supercritical Chemical Fluid Deposition of Optoelectronic Quality CdS

JX Yang, JR Hyde, JW Wilson, K Mallik, PJ Sazio, P O'Brien, MA Malik, M Afzaal, CQ Nguyen, MW George, SM Howdle, and DC Smith

Advanced  Materials 21 (41), 4115-+ (2009).


Deposition in supercritical fluids: from silver to semiconductors

JX Yang, T Hasell, DC Smith, and SM Howdle

Jorunal of Materials Chemistry 19 (45), 8560-8570 (2009).


Growth of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Using Germanium Nanocrystals Formed by Implantation

T Uchino, GN Ayre, DC Smith, JL Hutchison, CH de Groot, and P Ashburn

Journal of the Electrochemical Society 156 (8), K144-K148 (2009).


Nanotemplated lead telluride thin films

XH Li, IS Nandhukamar, GS Attard, ML Markham, DC Smith, and JJ Baumberg

MIicroporous and Mesoporous Materials 118 (1-3), 403-407 (2009).


Electrodeposition of metals from supercritical fluids

J Ke, WT Su, SM Howdle, MW George, D Cook, M Perdjon-Abel, PN Bartlett, WJ Zhang, F Cheng, W Levason, G Reid, J Hyde, J Wilson, DC Smith, K Mallik, and P Sazio

PNAS 106 (35), 14768-14772 (2009).


Kelvin force gradient microscopy of pBTTT transistors in both the linear and saturation electrical regimes

S Bain, DC Smith, NR Wilson, and M Carrasco-Orozco

Applied Physics Letters 95 (14) (2009).




A non-oxide sol-gel route to synthesise silicon imidonitride monolithic gels and high surface area aerogels

S Hassan, AL Hector, JR Hyde, A Kalajl, and DC Smith

Chemical Communications (42), 5304-5306 (2008).




Ge-catalyzed vapour-liquid-solid growth of carbon nanotubes

T Uchino, CH de Groot, P Ashburn, KN Bourdakos, and DC Smith, , 

ESSDERC 2006:  Proceedings of the 36th European Solid-State Device Research Conference (2006), pp. 214-217.


Electrodeposition of mesoporous CdTe films with the aid of citric acid from lyotropic liquid crystalline phases

XH Li, IS Nandhukamar, T Gabriel, GS Attard, ML Markham, DC Smith, JJ Baumberg, K Govender, P O'Briel, and D Smyth-Boyle

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Development of a nanowire-based test bed device for molecular electronics applications

CE Gardiner, MA Ghanem, JW Wilson, and DC Smith

Analytical Chemistry 78 (3), 951-955 (2006).




Metal catalyst-free low-temperature carbon nanotube growth on SiGe islands

T Uchino, KN Bourdakos, CH de Groot, P Ashburn, ME Kiziroglou, GD Dilliway, and DC Smith

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Application of carbon nanotube AFM probes to the characterization of mesoporous materials

IS Nandhakumar, TJ Gordon-Smith, GS Attard, and DC Smith

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Birefringent cadmium-telluride-based metamaterial

ML Markham, JJ Baumberg, DC Smith, X Li, T Gabriel, GS Attard, and IS Nandhakumar

Applied Physics Letters 86 (1) (2005).


Infrared emitting PbSe nanocrystals for telecommunications window applications

CE Finlayson, A Amezcua, PJA Sazio, PS Walker, MC Grossel, RJ Curry, DC Smith, and JJ Baumberg

Journal of Modern Optics 52 (7), 955-964 (2005).